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About Us


We can achieve the goal of no-poverty by improving our quality of education.
By simply improving the quality of education, we reduce poverty, create more jobs and increase our financial status.
These factors help to bring about sustainable development in our province and nation. Therefore, to improve the lives of all people.
These factors help to bring sustainable development to our state and nation. Hence, improving the lives of all individuals.


Our vision is the same as the Sustainable Development Growth Goals 2 and 4- No poverty and Quality Education.
We want our children and people to have a sustainable life.
A life with better living conditions and better opportunities.


We, a charitable association are willing to help our children create a future filled with opportunities.
SUCA is following the steps of UN SDG goals- No Poverty and Quality Education.
Our main focus is to improve our quality of education. Education is the only tool that helps to learn and make opportunities for oneself.
We want our kids to have immense knowledge and strength to make their future.
The support to that journey starts here with your light.

charity for education

How your light will illuminate the lives

A torch without its light cannot illuminate the path. The mode of your support will make its way to the underprivileged through us. Every kind of help and support is appreciated.

Our Presence

Even in the 21st century, most countries lack quality education. Education is the foundation of society. It is a tool that helps in progress and brings innovations.
This in return makes a society sustainable and efficient.
In India, the rate of enrolment of boys and girls in primary school was 100% but for higher education, the enrolment rate for girls dropped to 25.8%.
(The information on growth rates is taken from https://in.one.un.org/page/sustainable-development-goals/quality-education-in-india-sdg-4/ )
The Indian government also aims to accomplish the Quality Education Goal of SDG by 2030. To accomplish this the government has introduced Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.
SUCA is not alone in working on the goals but the whole nation is. SUCA is like one drop of water in this big sea.
We are available in Uttarakhand where we are working to achieve SDG- 2 and 4 goals.
Our presence is where action for quality of education is being taken, where people are making a sustainable life for themselves.
We will be there to support and help our people

How Can You Help?

In order to let your light shine and support the poor, you must not fight here and there. The joy of giving and kindness is just a click away.

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