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“Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible”- by Barack Obama

The privileged children start learning at a young age. Their parents start teaching them little by little themselves, even before they start their pre-primary education. But the children whose parents don’t have any education; can’t teach their children from home. Their dream to help their child study has only one hope, school enrolment. The child is enrolled in a school but for a person who is unable to manage their house bills and other basic needs, how is he going to afford to buy any other things. The book donations you make can help kids like them. The kids in the orphanage can also make good use of the books you donate.

Donate Books Now

Giving a little is better than not giving at all.

SUCA always welcomes you to our office and branch. Your donation is lighting up other people’s life and your presence at our place will lighten too. Your kind gestures and actions toward the community have fulfilled their duty.

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Book Donation Process



The books donated by any school, corporates, or any individual can be new or used. The books you donate should be in good condition. You can also donate stationery items that can be reused. You can either drop the book at our office or branch, or you can contact us and we will collect the book from you.
Step 01


After receiving and collecting the books, we categorise them, subject-wise, class-wise and by their genre. The books received in non-usable format are recycled.
Step 02


After organizing the books in a proper manner, we distribute the books. The books are further sent to credible non-governmental organisations or sent to book stalls at government schools. The books are sent according to the requirements of the recipient.
Step 03
Students Feedback

Students Feedback

The last and final step is to take the student’s feedback. We take written reviews of kids who read the books to know what they learned. This in turn helps them to communicate verbally and in written format. It is also a way to learn that the books donated are put to good use and that we are moving towards our goal to make our country literate.
Step 04

Why you should donate books?

No matter how cheap or how expensive a book you donate, it can’t surpass the price of the knowledge and wisdom it imparts to the reader. The ones who are able to afford the books read them and then turn to the next book. And living in a digital world has also made information access easy. Any information that we may need about the book we formerly read; we can search on the web. We would hardly open the same book again. The book would lie in some corner of your room, covered with specks of dust and spider webs. Instead of putting the wisdom of the book to waste, we can donate it to the one who is eager to learn but unable to afford the tool. The book you donate would help students learn and know the power of donation and the power of learning.
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What happens when you donate a book?

Donating books to children will help them learn. This will help them to make sense of the world around them. It will help them learn the wrongs and the rights, they’ll gain moral values and help them to become literate.

It is a way to edit your bookshelf without any guilt. Most of the time when cleaning our bookshelves, we find some books that we won’t read. We neither want to read them again nor throw them. Such a book is also taking up extra space, by getting rid of the book, we can make space for the new book as well. The best option in such a case scenario is book donation.

When you donate a book, you give the gift of literacy. You will help the receiver learn and gain the wisdom that the book imparts. The knowledge you gained is the knowledge you passed through your donation.

You help someone change their life for good. You are a reader, who constantly reads and so you know how a book or must I say some words, just change your life. Some reads are inspiring and guide us to change the course of our life. You must have read a book and went, ‘Wow! It’s time to change my perspective.’ Or ‘Let’s try this, it might help me some great insight.’ Imagine, you donate a book and the same emotions and feelings run inside the receiver’s mind and heart.

This will help you feel warm and happy. The feeling of sharing and kindness is beautiful. The deed you did today is the deed you will receive tomorrow. The kindness you showed today is the kindness you’ll receive tomorrow. The gesture of sharing and giving brings warmth not just to the receiver but also to the giver. And that feeling of joy would fill your life with happiness and positivity.

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