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Sustainble Goals - Quality Education

Do you know about Sustainable Development Goals?

If not, then let me explain. 

Sustainable Development Goals is the agenda set by United Nations to create a sustainable life for every individual. It has 17 goals which the United Nations members have to achieve by 2030. India is a part of it.
But what does Study Uttarakhand Charitable Association have to do with this?
SUCA is working on fulfilling 2 goals out of 17. The need to provide quality education and eradicate poverty.
Our main focus is to provide quality education to the children of Uttarakhand. 
Our Charitable Association is the best and most trusted NGO in Uttarakhand that provides help on educational grounds. We also provide job placements.
SUCA helps the underprivileged.

What is SUCA’s mission?

SUCA’s mission is to make our state 100% literate and provide jobs to our youth.

Can we become a part of this motion?

Yes, you can become a part of SUCA family too.

You may not be able to change the world but with your kindness, you can change the world for someone.

How can one become a part of SUCA?

You can either join our volunteer program or become our partner. If you like, you can also donate funds. We appreciate any amount of support you give.

How does one’s kindness reach the underprivileged?

The fund and donations you make are for child education and their welfare. We even organize charity events where anyone who is willing, can volunteer or sponsor the event.

Are there any internship programs or jobs available at SUCA?

Yes, we have internships and jobs available. If you want to know about the details, send your CV to info@studyuttarakhand.com

Where is SUCA’s office?

SUCA’s main office is located in Udham Singh Nagar and its branch office is in Dehradun.

After knowing so much about SUCA, what are you still waiting for?

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Mission - SUCA